Ezell's starts out using fresh, quality chicken. We also use bigger birds - a 3 lb chicken vs. the typical 2 lb bird used by delis and other quick serve restaurants.

The chicken is cut into 8 pieces versus the traditional 9 pieces, so customers get more meat per piece. This is especially true for our famous extra-large wing.

Ezell's cooks its chicken in 100% pure vegetable oil, which is low in cholesterol and saturated fats. And our proprietary battering process seals in the natural chicken juices, while locking out the oils.

For the spicy chicken, we marinate it for 24 hours using a New Orleans-style seasoning. This ensures you get the full flavor down to the last bite. A dash of cayenne pepper in the breading gives it a little "ting" on the tongue for that spicy flavor experience.

Taste the Ezell's difference today!

What Makes
Ezell's Special?