Community Impact


This was definitely a worthy cause to support and participate in. Sister Price is an 85 year old lady who lives alone on a fixed income. Her husband, a World War II Veteran and before passing 15 years ago, was very active in supporting community causes. After his passing, Mrs. Price was unable to keep up the maintenance on the house. It had been deteriorating pretty bad over the yeas and was in pretty bad shape. She was entered  and selected by Holmberg Mechanical to receive a home makeover focusing on much need repairs. 


Jeff White, President/CEO of Holmberg along with his wife and as many as 35 volunteers showed up Saturday morning and did an outstanding job. The repairs included;

  1. A new deck
  2. 2 new water heaters
  3. lawn cutting and tree pruning
  4. Roof repair
  5. Junk removal
  6. Kitchen repairs and some new appliances

It was amazing watching the team working together on independent projects. Each team brought all the necessary tools and equipment to finish their job without leaving the site. While Ezells participated in a small way, the chicken and fixens made a big impact. 


R.E.S.T= Real Escape from Sex Trade-   Provide Emergency Shelter, Health and Wellness, Case Management, Self- Identifying classes, Empowerment to leave the “life” and the influences of that life.

Why did you choose Ezells?  The clients asked specifically for it.  Ezells has also provided employment to some of the clients that were trying to make a better life for themselves.  They love your chicken.  You support community efforts,  and are active in the community.  You are local, easy accessible.

How is this donation from Ezells helping?  It enhance each celebration.  Provides a great atmosphere to connect and creates a great relationship building tool.  This donation allows us to allocate funds towards more direct services, not having to provide lunch every other month.

If someone were to ask you about Ezells, what would you say?  They are generous, chicken taste great.  We know your efforts in the community.


Pictured: Mandy the Director of Services, Christine, Carolyn, Cody & Hazel

Generation United

This event was  created in Lynnwood Called " Generation United" by MIKELL ESCAMILLA


It Bridges The Gap between the youth and the old school skaters. His  objective is to inspire the youth  with a desire to learn more, but more Importantly to keep them out of trouble an invest into something positive.


Ezell’s supported the Boards of Northwest Technology Equity Initiative (NWTEI) and the Seattle Chapter of the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) by providing meals for those in attendance at a meeting with Rev. Jesse Jackson. The focus was on creating a partnership between church leadership, community leaders, and Amazon.  This meeting would be followed up with Rev. Jackson meeting with the Amazon Shareholders to further expand on the goals of this partnership.

Rising Sons

A Day Without Hate campaign


"Our whole school participated. The Rising Sons did a PEACE poster that said "what does peace look like?"


It had school, home and community. 


Hopefully, you can see you are a FEATURED component of the COMMUNITY aspect.

Giving back and truly growing and supporting the community. 


That will be featured in our MAIN hall of the building as soon as you come thru the front doors.  It will be up for at least a week and visible to the whole school.  Thanks again for all of the support you have shown.  We truly appreciate you as a vital part of our community.  Not only providing good food, but inspiring the next generation of young entrepreneurs and local success stories.


Also attaching the previous banner poster with their signatures from before.  Let me know if I can do anything else.  Have a great weekend.


Thank you for your continued support of our kids.  The work you do (seen and unseen) makes a difference."

Bubblin Brown Sugar

Thank you for our 2019 LEGACY SPONSOR: Ezell's Famous Chicken! The Legacy Sponsorship is very fitting for Ezell's, as they opened 35 years ago on the same night as Bubblin Brown Sugar. While BBS has skipped a few times, Ezell's has remained a constant in our community. Please continue to support! #BBS19

Seattle to Portland

This 206 mile bicycle ride is the largest multi-day bicycle event in the Northwest with up to 8,000 participants riding from Seattle to Portland in one or two days. The route takes you through the scenic valleys, forests, and farmlands of western Washington and Oregon. Come ride what Bicycling Magazine has listed as one of the best cycling events in the nation!


Lewis participates in this event each year and we provide food for the cyclists.

Eastlake High School BSU – Soul Food Friday

Eastlake High School Black Student Union’s mission is to better educate Eastlake and the Sammamish Community about Black History, Black Culture, and the Black Experience in the U.S. and to provide a safe space for black students at school. This past year we have grown to a group of 15 students who have put on the MLK Assembly, run an awareness campaign around cultural appropriation, hosted the African American Traveling History museum, and as our final event hosted Soul Food Friday. This final community event was made possible by the donation from Ezell’s chicken. We were able to bring together a large group of diverse students to enjoy Ezell’s chicken, waffles, greens, mac and cheese, grits and tasty chicken. We created a history booklet with the African/African American roots of each dish and a recipe guide as a way to not only share food with our student body but to help educate them on African/ African American cuisine. With the generous donation from Ezell’s chicken this event would not have been possible! So thank you for helping make Eastlake’s BSU’s first Soul Food Friday a success!


We are also featured in their 2019 Soul Food Friday History and Recipe Guide!


Hazen High School Track and Field

“Ezell's is definitely a favorite among our school community, students, staff and families alike. 


Our Track and Field team participated in the WIAA State Track and Field Championship Meet. During this meet our boys team was honored and recognized with the State Academic Award for having the highest GPA in the entire State for 4A schools.


As you can imagine our entire school and community are super excited about these huge accomplishments at State in addition to several team awards they have taken home this year including the ALL City Trophy. We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate this success than with, of course, some Ezell's Famous Chicken.   Thank you for your kind donation!”